Monday, June 4, 2018

“Life is a gift, not a guarantee.” - Anonymous

From “Lincoln 365,” by Arnold Kunst

June 4
One day Lincoln’s two sons Willie and Tad held a solemn court martial in which a soldier doll named Jack was found guilty of desertion, and sentenced to death by firing squad. But since that would require his burial in the rose garden and the anger of the gardener, the boys went to their father with their problem. So the President of the United States drew out a sheet of Executive Mansion stationary and wrote the following: 'The doll Jack is pardoned by order of the President.' It was signed 'A. Lincoln.'

'We should welcome the excesses of youth just as we welcome the exuberance of spring, looking forward with delight to the time when people with such an imaginative program for life become mellow and mature - not only gentle as doves, but wise as serpents.'
- Alan Watts

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