Monday, January 8, 2018

“Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.” – Hannah More

From “The Human Condition: A User’s Manual,” by Arnold Kunst
9 January
They’re talking about you at work behind your back and you’re really angry. You get home from work and ask your wife how her day was and she says they’re talking about her behind her back and she’s really angry. My suggestion: get her to talk it out. And if she spends the next two hours telling you all about it, think of  it this way: maybe you just did for her what no man in her life has EVER done – not her father, or a priest, or any boy friend, not a favorite teacher, nobody. In fact, you just might have made a friend for life [and that applies even if she is your wife, right?].
And two hours later, when she asks you how your day was, it’ll be time enough to tell her.

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