Monday, April 28, 2014

One Speech Coach answers: WHAT MAKES A GREAT SPEECH Installment 3 of 15

3.    Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Internalize your material so thoroughly that now you can focus not on you [“Oh my God: What do they think of me?”] but on your audience and meeting their needs - which is where your focus belongs. And insofar as you’ve given a ton of time to crafting your message down to the gnat’s eyebrow, to rehearsing every gesture, every pause, every raised eyebrow, you’ll have your audience in your pocket. They may not realize the dynamic, but they’ll hang on your every word if you’ve invested hours for every five minutes of your presentation because they’re on the receiving end of a presentation that is truly mature, not one that comes across vaguely as half-baked. They’ll automatically give you their rapt attention – you in turn will feed off that attention. Thus, you will have engendered a match made in heaven!

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