Saturday, April 26, 2014

One Speech Coach answers: WHAT MAKES A GREAT SPEECH Installment 2 of 15

2     It goes without saying, but have a title. Whether you’re out to inform us, or entertain us, or inspire us, or amuse us start out focused and stay focused throughout right down to the last semi-colon – there’s a world of difference between moving around and getting ahead. Your title is a foundational phrase of less than 10 words that governs everything you will say. "My dream is not for sale," for example. And as a necessary adjunct, limit your topic. "I've discovered the cure for cancer!" isn't nearly as riveting as the speaker might think.  Keep it much tighter. Remember, the cockpits of super-fast, super-efficient airplanes make very good use of the limited space available. Broad topics are ALWAYS easy to state - and ALWAYS make for clunky, unimaginative presentations.

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