Friday, January 20, 2017

Lincoln, Trump and Mt. Rushmore, Part Two

"... that all men are created equal." [Thomas Jefferson]

The Lincoln/Trump parallels.
·      In 2017 as in 1861, our political parties seem knee-jerk prone to emotional bumper-sticker arguments while the tough issues that actually cry out for intelligent, concerted action get kicked down the road for some other decade to grapple with.

·      In 2017 as in 1861, we gravitate to our news sources not for information but for ammunition; we label each other [of course with different labels] and then proceed to beat each other up because of the labels. [Think of it: your side plans and strategizes; the other side plots and schemes – right?]

·      And the Constitution we all purport to honor? In 2017 as in 1861 we, the body politic, continue to de-fang that priceless document before the end of the very first sentence: “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…”

A more perfect WHAT?

·      Conclusion: I think an argument can be made that democracy on this planet is at serious risk, in 2017 as in 1861.

We as a people cry out for political leadership that will unite us, not divide us.

[Come back for Part Three tomorrow]

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