Friday, September 16, 2016

Lincoln and the prolonged personal snub. 4

From the moment Lincoln arrived he was not only ignored, he was actively shunned by the other members of the Manny trial team. Without question Stanton was rude, snobbish, and supercilious toward the unknown Lincoln. But so was everyone else connected with the case. Harding, for example, never even opened the lengthy manuscript which Lincoln had prepared as his contribution. When one of the presiding jurists entertained the counsel on both sides, Lincoln was not even invited. Although all the lawyers were staying at the same hotel, none asked Lincoln to share their table, to visit them in their rooms, or to join them on the daily walks to and from the court. Lincoln, nevertheless, stayed for the duration of the trial. He was entranced, mesmerized, and seated at the back of the courtroom. He was not asked to say a word, and he did not do so. He offered to return his retainer, but that was declined.

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