Monday, January 21, 2013

Joking before the Judge

At one point a harried Abraham Lincoln interrupted his Senate campaign to file a motion before a Chancery judge.

As Mr. Lincoln strode into the court, fumbling with his hat and the papers it contained, he announced: "May it please your Honor, I am like the Irish sailor, and beg your Honor to excuse me for this hurried interruption."

When the judge asked him to explain the reference, Lincoln responded: "Well, an Irish sailor was overtaken at sea by a heavy storm and he thought he would pray but didn't know how, so he went down on his knees and offered the following prayer:

'Oh, Lord! you know as well as meself that it's seldom I bodder ye, but if ye will only hear me and save me this time, bedad it will be a long time before I bodder ye again'."

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